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The generous folks at have given The Anarchy a new server! We’ve named this server Rockwell after Rockwell International, manufacturers of many historical aircraft such as the B-1 Bomber.

This server currently hosts a Terraria server, using the wonderful TDSM. For those interested, Rockwell has Debian 7.0 running under the hood.

As this is the first post on the new site, this post will serve as a cumulative update in regards to network information.

Airbus, named after the aerospace manufacturers Airbus of EADS, and hosted with Host1Free, was added. Unfortunately it has gone down. Host1Free has been working around the clock to restore service. ETR is Jul 10. No critical network data was lost. We also added a new server: Lockheed, named after the Maryland manufacturers Lockheed Martin. Lockheed is hosted on Amazon’s AWS, and is in charge of Teamspeak and Nekobot, our IRC bot who serves several NixtrixIRC channels, as well as a couple of sup/tg/ channels. Also added was Hughes, a Minecraft server hosted with Exodus Hosting that will be powering the SMP portion of World In Chaos, who is named after Hughes Aircraft.

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