Our Rules

The general idea of this group is simple. Everyone is different. Therefore, the following rules are necessary.

  1. Don’t be a jerk.
    • People will get angry because the games we play can be intense. It’s no big, but try not to get too carried away
    • Nobody cares about your coarse language, but slurs and attacks against fellow members just aren’t cool.
    • If you mess up and say something stupid, and you get called out (or even if you don’t) then be cool and apologize, then don’t do it again.
    • Minecraft: Do not grief. Don’t set entire biomes on fire. Don’t destroy what doesn’t need to be destroyed. Remember that our server is limited, so no spamming TNT or other explosives.
    • Sometimes people will say stupid stuff in the heat of battle. Try to shrug it off if you can.
    • If someone goes overboard, just calmly let them know they did. Then accept their apology.
    • Don’t get offended by the coarse language and (friendly) trash talking that will happen. If you can’t handle a little heat, this isn’t the right place to be.
    • Minecraft: If someone accidentally mines into your property, or unintentionally destroys something of yours, work with them to rebuild it. Do not retaliate, and accept their apology and assistance.
  2. No slurs.
    • No using slurs.
    • To extend this, be respectful of peoples’ gender identities. In Teamspeak we have flair for gender identity. Be aware of these flairs.
  3.  If you’re not here to be sociable with everyone, you shouldn’t be here.
    • Joining the Teamspeak server group and changing channels without speaking or typing “hello” to the lobby (assuming at least one person is there at the time) will result in a kick and eventually a ban for repeated offenses.

That’s pretty much it. Be cool, and have a little humility if you mess up.

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