World In Chaos v5:b4.33

Written by Luna on . Posted in Minecraft

In this update, we decided to remove the TukMC “MMORPG” UI mod. While it did provide a very nice UI for the server, it didn’t mesh too well with the UI bits of other mods. For now, we’ll be removing the mod. We do hope that in the future we’ll be able to add this again.

This post will also serve as a cumulative update note, as it is the first changelog posted to the new site.

In previous versions of WiCv5:b4 we’ve brought up to date any mods from WiCv4 to the best of our ability. Some mods were never updated, and some were phased out by other mods. At this time, we believe that, for the most part, all mods from WiCv4 are active again. Once that task was complete, we did continue to add new mods that compliment the pack, as well as attempting to find other mods that replace mods that were previously part of the fact that were never updated to MC1.5.2.

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