We’re happy to have a community large enough that we’re often able to run giveaways for digital copies of games and even occasionally other stuff. So far we’ve managed to give away almost three dozen games to members of the community. The Nest started as a way to get folks together to enjoy games especially without bigotry and shitlordery getting in the way. We don’t have a specific schedule for giveaways but we’re always interested in doing them especially if there’s a good sale on a game that people can play together! If you’re interested in donating games to giveaways, or would like us to run a giveaway for you, just ping @Mod in #meta, or send a tell to a mod. Be sure to let us know if you have any special conditions or rules for the giveaway. Giveaways are handled through the excellent Giveaway Bot — you can find out more about that bot for your own server at the GiveawayBot site!