Meet the mods

I love all of my server kids as much as I love the big tiddie anime moms I strive to emulate

Ashley “Luna” [luna#1337]
Server Animom

Marxism is good. The state of trans healthcare in the UK is bad

PJ “None” [nonewwavenofun#2752]
Allegedly Scottish mod

No war but class war πŸ˜Ž

Lina Leila Sinclair [Maru#5802]
Server Diplomat

Hope you like BL, fuckers

Esther “Bloom” [BloomEPU#3197]

“Hey, this looks like a cool place!”

t+2 years: “let me explain the urgent necessity of adding hormones to the water supply as a prerequisite to building socialism”

Locutus “Loc” [Loc#0101]
Server Anxiety

Let us be lazy in everything, except in loving and drinking, except in being lazy. β€” Lessing

August [August#5555]

“Some ask to be forgiven. Let us be haunted.”-Z&R

Anno [anno ⛧#0666]
Local Voids Want To Hook Up

im a lil ugly girl. beam me up snotty.

Aubrey [auvrael jr#2145]