Secret Santa Rules and Regulations

  1. Do not send any items that are illegal in either the gift giver or gift recipient’s country of origin.
  2. If you need to drop out, tell the mods as soon as possible. You may not drop out after December 15.
  3. The gift limit is 20$, this does not include shipping.
  4. If you don’t drop out and don’t send a gift, you will be banned from future Secret Santas.
  5. Do not spill who your gift recipient is until Dec. 25.
  6. Do not send electronic items (games, keys, etc.) until Dec. 25 unless you’ll be without internet on that day.
  7. Drugs and sex toys are banned items.
  8. Nothing insulting or sexual in nature.
  9. Be grateful for whatever present you receive.

Click here to be directed to the Secret Santa form. All gifts will be revealed as well as all gift givers on Dec. 25.